How to Measure Your Hand Bowling Fingertip Grip

How to Measure Your Hand Bowling Fingertip Grip

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Measure your hand bowling grip by trying several different bowling balls.

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A properly fitted bowling ball is essential to having fun on the lanes and minimizing hand soreness afterward. If you're investing in a custom-fitted ball, a bowling pro will measure your grip size on a special ball used to size bowling grips. However, when you're using a house ball or selecting a ready-made bowling ball, you will need to try the grip on lots of different balls. Play with several different grips to find the one that fits you best.


Find a thumb hole that will accept the entire length and girth of your thumb. The hole should release the thumb with little friction. This is your thumb size.


Insert the thumb and extend the middle and ring fingers over their corresponding holes. The holes should center under the crease of the last knuckle before your finger tips. This is the span of your grip.


Insert the middle and ring fingers into the holes. The holes should fit the finger tips and release the fingers with little friction. This is the size of your finger holes.

Things Needed

  • Bowling balls


  • Select a bowling ball weight that balances comfort with impact power.


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