Recommended Cardio for Belly Fat

Recommended Cardio for Belly Fat

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Fast calorie-burning exercises such as swimming laps can help burn fat.

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Cardiovascular exercise is more than just a way to blow off some steam after a long workday or an argument with your spouse. This form of exercise is also an effective weapon in your battle against belly fat, which is more than just a visible concern. By performing the right cardio exercises with enough frequency and improving your diet, you can decrease your belly fat and quickly improve your health.

Avoid the Risks of Belly Fat

Belly fat can lead to an unflattering figure, but the challenges you might face in the fitting room of your favorite clothing store should be the least of your concern. Substantial deposits of fat in this part of your body can lead to a host of serious health complications, including a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and colorectal cancer. The most serious form of belly fat is known as visceral fat, which is found close to your organs.

Burn Overall Body Fat

It would be favorable to be able to perform a specific cardio exercise to zap your belly fat and put you on the road to better health, but you won't find such an exercise. It's not possible to choose the pocket of fat you wish to burn; the theory that this process is possible is known as spot reduction. While spot reduction isn't true, you can use cardio exercise to create a caloric deficit that results in fat loss. Instead of solely losing your belly fat, you'll lose fat from a number of areas of your body.

Cardio at Home and in the Gym

Any form of cardio exercise, from walking to jumping rope, can contribute to a caloric deficit by burning calories. Although it's necessary to perform the exercise of your choice with enough frequency to result in fat loss, fill your exercise routine with forms of cardio that you enjoy. If you favor working out around your home, opt for walking, jogging, jumping rope, dancing or riding your bike. In the gym, aerobics classes and exercise machines such as the rowing machine, elliptical trainer and treadmill provide a cardio workout.

Consider Your Exercise Intensity

Although moderate and vigorous forms of cardio exercise can contribute to the loss of belly fat, moderate activities require you to devote more time to them. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of vigorous exercise or at least 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week for people who wish to experience fat loss. To determine your level of intensity, try to say a short sentence aloud. The inability to say more than a few words at a time indicates vigorous exercise, and if you can say the sentence without taking an extra breath, your exercise is moderate.

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