How to Do Basic Soccer

How to Do Basic Soccer

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Shooting on goal is a basic skill in soccer.

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Soccer star Mia Hamm says mastering individual skills is the best way to become a force on the soccer field. Individual skills are the basic foundation for your team's success. These skills include dribbling, passing, trapping and shooting the soccer ball. With frequent practice, these basic soccer techniques will come naturally to you during a fast-paced game.



Put five cones in a row on the soccer field. The cones should be about 5 feet away from each other. Place a soccer ball on the field in front of you.


Kick the ball softly with the inner edge of your right foot. The ball should roll less than a couple of feet in front of you. Continue to kick the ball lightly with both the inner and outer edges of your feet as you navigate through the cones. Do not always look at the ball while you dribble. Keep your head up so you can see where you are going.


Weave through the cones until you reach the end of the line. Turn around and go back through the cones. Gradually increase your dribbling speed as you become more proficient at it. Decrease the distance between the cones to make the drill more challenging. Remember to maintain control of the ball and don't let it get away from you.

Passing and Trapping


Stand about 10 feet away from a teammate. Place the soccer ball on the ground in front of you. Plant your left foot next to the ball and point your left toes at your teammate.


Rotate your right foot so you kick the ball with the inside edge of your foot. Look at your teammate and kick through the middle of the ball. The ball should roll directly to your teammate.


Ask your teammate to return a pass back to you. Practice your trapping skills when the ball is returned.


Trap the ball by stopping it with the inside edge of your foot. Your foot should act like a cushion and the ball should not bounce off your foot. You can also trap the ball by lifting your foot and placing the sole of your foot on the top of the ball to stop it. Increase the distance between you are your teammate to make passing and trapping more challenging.



Place the soccer ball about 30 feet in front of the goal. Ask a teammate to act as a goalie for you.


Run up to the ball and plant your left foot beside it. Keep your eyes on the ball and your head over it.


Point the toes of your kicking foot down and kick the ball on your shoelaces. Try to kick the ball to one of the corners of the goal to make it more difficult for the goalie to stop it. Your hips and the knee of your kicking leg should point in the direction you want to send the ball.

Things Needed

  • Soccer ball
  • Five cones
  • Soccer goal


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