The Best Basketball Insoles

The Best Basketball Insoles

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Basketball insoles are designed to help prevent injury.

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A good pair of sneakers is essential for peak performance on the basketball court, but shoes become worn down over time. Basketball requires players to frequently jump, pivot and sprint. Movement in all directions has a tendency to exhaust a player's knees, ankles and feet. The stress impact on the lower body is unavoidable when playing basketball, which is why it's important to take proper precaution. The best insoles supply players with added comfort and stability, reducing the chance of contracting a chronic injury.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is one of the main benefits of basketball insoles. Basketball demands repetitive jumping motion, forcing players to absorb the shock from harsh landings. Hard surfaces, like indoor basketball courts, agitate nagging knee and ankle injuries, however, basketball insoles help eradicate this problem. Strains and aches are minimized when wearing sport-specific insoles. In addition, they reduce muscle fatigue and promote better postural balance. Basketball insoles also provide extra cushioning at the base of the heel, decreasing the stress that jumping invokes on the feet.

Foot Stabilization

Basketball insoles provide stabilization support to reduce the pressure contrived from landing impact. This dual-action effect is a product of shock absorption generated from the extra cushioning that sport-specific insoles provide. Stabilizing insoles reduce the impact that playing basketball has on the balls of the feet, according to Custom Insoles. The concept is to mitigate that amount of pain that a player with flat feet is forced to endure. The added layer of support between a player's foot and the floor has a stabilizing effect on the heels and feet.

Arch Support

Basketball insoles provide players with added arch support, which is generated from soft compression technology. Arch support decreases stress on the joints and tendons in the knees. In addition, sport-specific insoles also reduce the vibration of impact that the feet and ankles endure during hard landings. Basketball insoles feature arch support technology to promote maximum comfort and decrease foot constriction, which limits movement. Basketball requires players to suddenly change direction, which is why it's important to sustain complete range of motion. The soft material comprised in the heel is used for arch support, supplying added balance and posterity.


Custom-fitted orthotics reduce lower-body injuries and decrease player fatigue, according to Custom Insoles. The ultimate advantage of basketball insoles is that they're created to minimize the potential for sport-specific injuries, like ankle sprains, while also decreasing joint tension. Group Up Athletics asserts that acute foot and ankle injuries, which are common in basketball, are made worse over time when sufficient foot care is not utilized. Custom-fitted orthotics are designed to increase muscle elasticity, which provides players with additional range of motion on the basketball court.

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