How to Become a Pro Spirit Cheerleader

How to Become a Pro Spirit Cheerleader

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Pro Spirit requires its cheerleaders to be skilled and willing to work hard.

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Pro Spirit, one of the top competitive cheerleading programs in the U.S., holds tryouts for its different teams every year. The program, based in McKinney, Texas, is one of 13 teams in the world that have competed every year at the Cheerleading World Championships. To join, prospective candidates need to master some basic skills, complete an application packet and 'wow' during their audition.


Practice until you master the skills required by Pro Spirit for its cheerleaders to join one of its squads. For example, beginners must know how to do a forward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round off, back walk over and front walk over. Members of Pro Spirit 's top squad must be able to do, for example, a triple toe back and twisting passes.


Download a tryout application and the forms to fill out and sign.


Submit the signed registration forms along with the tryout fee. Your tryout application should include the registration forms, an agreement form, a medical release form, a participation release form, a copy of your birth certificate and an ACH electronic payment form, which Pro Spirit will use to collect your monthly membership fees if you are selected to join a team.


Show up at the right time to try out for the team you want to join. Pro Spirit recommends trying out for the team that requires participants to have the skills that you have previously mastered. Showing that you are working toward mastering the skills may also get you a spot on the team.


Attend the mandatory flyer clinic and try out, if you want to be a flyer.


Wear black shorts, a black T-shirt or black sports bra and tennis shoes to your tryout. Pro Spirit also requires you to wear your hair up. Pro Spirit factors in your appearance along with your performance and abilities when deciding whether or not to let you onto a team.


Work out with your team if Pro Spirit invites you to join. You'll work out with your team for several weeks, while Pro Spirit finalizes its team-placement plans.


Attend every practice and competition, even if you are sick or injured. Showing up late can get you kicked off the team as can having three unexcused absences. Failing to be productive during practices can also get you kicked off the squad. Miss any practices in January, February and early March and Pro Spirit will not let you participate in national competitions.


Pay your monthly membership fees.


Follow all rules Pro Spirit provides to prospective and current members of its cheerleading teams.

Things Needed

  • Black shorts
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black sports bra
  • Tennis shoes