How to Stretch Head Muscles to Relieve Tightness

How to Stretch Head Muscles to Relieve Tightness

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A massage can also help relieve tension in the head and neck.

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With the amount of time people spend talking on the phone and sitting at a computer, it's no wonder that the muscles of the head, face and neck get stiff from time to time. Whether you're feeling the effects of poor posture, exercise or just a lot of hard chewing, a bit of stretching may provide you some relief. Take a few minutes for these exercises when you need a break or anytime your muscles start feeling tight.


Sit up straight in a chair with a firm, yet relaxed back. Place both feet on the floor about one foot apart. Throughout each movement, keep your shoulders even and try not to move them forward, backward or to either side.


Rotate your head to one side, keeping your nose level and not raising it or lowering it as you rotate. Stop when your chin is just above your shoulders, or is as close as is comfortable; don't strain. Hold the stretch for five seconds and then rotate your head to the opposite side, hold for five seconds and then rotate your head back to the forward position. This will stretch the muscles at the back and sides of your neck, which extend into your head.


Tilt your head to one side, lowering the ear toward your shoulder. Stop when you feel tension on the opposite side of the neck. Hold for five seconds and then tilt your head to the opposite side. To add intensity to the stretch, press onto the side of your head with your right hand as the head is tilted to the right and press with the left hand as your head is tilted to the left.


Tilt your head downward, working to meet your chin to your chest. Grasp the back of your head with one hand, pressing lightly to intensify the stretch at the back of the neck and in the upper back.


Make circles with your head, first tilting your chin to your chest and then over one shoulder. Tilt the head backward and then over to the opposite shoulder. Do several circles to the right and then several to the left to complete your neck stretches.


Raise your eyebrows, open your eyes as wide as you can and open your mouth to its maximum size. Hold this open-face position for five seconds and then release it. This will help stretch the muscles of your face.

Things Needed

  • Chair


  • Do one set of each of these stretches or complete a second set if you so desire.


  • If you are experiencing severe head or neck pain, don't attempt any stretches. Consult a medical professional as soon as possible.


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