Body Styles of Longboard Skateboards

Body Styles of Longboard Skateboards

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Hybrid longboards combine more than one style.

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Longboards are a variation of traditional street skateboards and come in a variety of body styles. Each style has certain advantages and disadvantages making each design good for specific types of riding. Longboarding provides a good, low-impact aerobic workout. If you are new to longboarding, knowing the difference between body styles will help you decide which longboard is right for you. To prevent injury, ride only on smooth surfaces away from traffic, wear a helmet and avoid riding in wet conditions.

Top Mount

The top mount is perhaps the most recognizable longboard style. There are no cutouts or flexed shapes on the sides. It is a straightforward deck style with the board sitting on top of the trucks similarly to a regular skateboard. There is a slight concave groove to provide a good base and for maneuverability. The deck is not lowered, which raises your center of gravity and improves your leverage, making for easier turns. The higher center of gravity of this deck style is a disadvantage to beginners because it decreases stability.

Drop Deck

The drop deck is great for beginners because its design makes it easier for you to stabilize yourself as you learn to ride. The foot platform is lower than other designs, which provides a good base and lowers your center of gravity. The lower your center of gravity is, the more stability you will have. The disadvantage is that the lower foot platform reduces traction as well as your ability to maneuver.

Drop Through

The drop through deck style provides a little more flexibility while still offering stability. Like the drop deck design, the drop through style offers a lower center of gravity. The deck has cutouts on both ends of the deck, allowing the base of the truck to stick through, adding stability. This deck style is a good option if you are still learning to balance yourself. The disadvantage is that the axle is closer to the deck, which decreases your leverage, making turns more challenging.


The traditional longboard style is much more similar to a regular skateboard. The deck length is shorter than other longboard styles, but it's still longer than a street skateboard. If you have street skateboarding experience, this style provides the easiest transition. Unlike other longboard styles, the traditional design features a kick-tail just like regular skateboards, making it much easier to navigate and maneuver. The trucks are higher than a street skateboard, which makes this style great for cruising.